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Torsten Krol is an Australian writer resident in Queensland.[1][2] He is the author of the FOREVERMAN series of novels (2018-2023). He is best known for his novels The Dolphin People (2006), a postmodern "parable"[3] of a World War II-era German family lost in the South American jungle,[4] and Callisto (2007), a "nightmarishly amusing"[5] satire on modern day American attitudes to terrorism, post-9/11, which was translated into 22 languages.

Authorial controversy[edit]

Described as "reclusive",[6] Krol does not make personal appearances to promote his work, and there has been media speculation about his identity; among others, The Sunday Star-Times and ABC's The Book Show have questioned whether he might be a better known author writing under a pseudonym.[7][8][9]

In April 2018, a few days prior to the publication of Krol's new novel series, FOREVERMAN, a German author published a piece of non-fiction literary criticism postulating possible identities of Torsten Krol.[10]

There are only two known interviews with Torsten Krol, the first of which was granted to Harper Perennial in conjunction with its publication of Callisto in the United States, and the second of which was granted to novelist Steven S. Drachman for Audere Magazine in June 2019.[11]


Year Title Publisher Print
2006 The Dolphin People Harper Perennial ISBN 978-1-84354-576-7
2007 Callisto Harper Perennial ISBN 978-1-84354-576-7
2012 Secret Book of Sacred Things Corvus ISBN 978-1-84354-579-8
2018 FOREVERMAN Platinum Needle
2018 FOREVERMAN: Exilium Platinum Needle
2018 FOREVERMAN: Quantum Blood Platinum Needle
2018 FOREVERMAN: Terminus Platinum Needle
2018 FOREVERMAN: Olympus Platinum Needle
2018 FOREVERMAN: Darkness Primeval Platinum Needle
2018 Randall Priest Platinum Needle
2019 Krakbrayn Platinum Needle
2021 FOREVERMAN: Nevermore Platinum Needle
2022 Piper Platinum Needle
2023 FOREVERMAN: Juggernaut Platinum Needle


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