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Torsten Krol is an Australian writer resident in Queensland.[1][2] He is the author of the FOREVERMAN series of six novels (2018). He is best known for his novels The Dolphin People (2006), a postmodern "parable"[3] of a World War II-era German family lost in the South American jungle,[4] and Callisto (2007), a "nightmarishly amusing"[5] satire on modern day American attitudes to terrorism, post-9/11, which was translated into 22 languages.

Authorial Controversy[edit]

Described as "reclusive",[6] Krol does not make personal appearances to promote his work, and there has been media speculation about his identity; among others, The Sunday Star-Times and ABC's The Book Show have questioned whether he might be a better known author writing under a pseudonym.[7][8][9]

In April 2018, a few days prior to the publication of Krol's new novel series, FOREVERMAN, a German author published a piece of non-fiction literary criticism postulating possible identities of Torsten Krol.[10]


Year Title Publisher Print E-book
2006 The Dolphin People Harper Perennial ISBN 978-1-84354-576-7 ASIN B07G3LF9HL
2007 Callisto Harper Perennial ISBN 978-1-84354-576-7 ASIN B07HRPPFFQ
2012 Secret Book of Sacred Things Corvus ISBN 978-1-84354-579-8 ASIN B07H1YY8H2
2018 FOREVERMAN Platinum Needle ASIN B079KMGXLL
2018 FOREVERMAN: Exilium Platinum Needle ASIN B07BSZQS26
2018 FOREVERMAN: Quantum Blood Platinum Needle ASIN B07DHBMD37
2018 FOREVERMAN: Terminus Platinum Needle ASIN B07FCRT4P3
2018 FOREVERMAN: Olympus Platinum Needle ASIN B07FDHNY3Y
2018 FOREVERMAN: Darkness Primeval Platinum Needle ASIN B07FKQZDFN
2018 Randall Priest Platinum Needle ASIN B07GXF79RQ


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