Tortillas pour les Dalton

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Lucky Luke# 31
Tortillas pour les Daltons--Tortillas for the Daltons
Cover of the English edition
Date 1967
Series Lucky Luke
Publisher Dupuis
Creative team
Writers Goscinny
Artists Morris
Original publication
Language French
Preceded by Calamity Jane (1967)
Followed by La Diligence ( 1967)

Tortillas pour les Daltons is a Lucky Luke adventure written by Goscinny and illustrated by Morris, published by Dupuis in 1967. It was translated into English as Tortillas for the Daltons. English editions of this French series have been published by Dargaud and Cinebooks.


While being moved from their regular prison to a newer prison, situated near the Rio Grande, the wagon containing the Dalton gang is hijacked by the infamous Mexican bandit Emílio Espuelas and his men. The two gangs team up to kidnap the local mayor, disguising the Daltons as mariachi musicians.

Meanwhile, the Mexican ambassador to The United States of America has threatened with decreased diplomatic relations and, ultimately, war, unless the Daltons are returned to the US. Lucky Luke departs to The United States of Mexico by direct order of the president.

Ultimately the grand scheme is foiled by Lucky Luke switching places with the mayor and Averell revealing the Daltons plan of double-crossing the Mexicans while drunk on tequila.

Back across the border Luke is awarded a medal and Averell flaunts his new expression: ¿Cuando se come aqui?.

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