Tortured Souls

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Tortured Souls
Type Action Figures
Inventor Clive Barker
Company McFarlane Toys
Country United States
Availability 2001–2002
Official website

Tortured Souls, also known as Clive Barker's Tortured Souls, is a series of six action figures and a novelette starring the characters of the series. Distributed by McFarlane Toys in July 2001, the series included six monsters designed by horror author Clive Barker.


The toy line was officially announced at the International Toy Fair in New York in February 2001. Barker said the following about creating his first toy line:

People want to see the monsters. We supply the monsters...These are the first toys I've had on the market. I've had model kits and whatnot, but this is a very different order of creation. These are technically amazing and the sheer level of detail is extraordinary. These figures represent the creature that both obsesses you and repulses you simultaneously. These are figures you put in a dark place in your house, probably with some votive candles, to haunt a corner in your home. We've really had fun pushing the envelope.[1]

Each of the figures included a chapter of the 32-page novelette, written by Barker.

Tortured Souls 2[edit]

Due to the success of the idea, a second series titled Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen was released the following year. The appearance of the new figures was more visceral than the first toy line, with less reliance on the bondage-like clothing styles of the first series and more reliance on surgical alteration and mutilation or, as Clive Barker described it, "the use of flesh as canvas." Additionally, characters of Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen neither appeared in the original novella nor came with any additional story writing.


Tortured Souls[edit]

Tortured Souls 2[edit]

  • Szaltax
  • Zain
  • Suffering Bob
  • Feverish
  • Moribundi
  • Camille Noire

Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium [edit]

Tortured Souls: The Legend of Primordium is a single volume of the six separate pieces of the Tortured Souls novellas originally available with the toys. It was published by Subterranean Press in February 2015.[2]

Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae[edit]

Tortured Souls: Animae Damnatae is a planned film adaption of Clive Barker’s original line of Tortured Souls toys.


The film project was officially announced in December 2003, with Barker signing a deal to direct the picture for Universal Studios.[3] The film has been discussed since the release of the first toy series, but as of 2009 there is very little confirmed although Barker still lists it as a project in pre-production.

News of the plotline is that it revolves around the city of Primordium, a corrupt monarch-governed city. You follow the 6 characters of Agonistes, a transformer of flesh, an ancient entity that was possibly created by God; The Scythe-Meister, an assassin that was transformed by Agonistes, built to bring the corrupt empire to its knees; Lucidique, the daughter of a Senator killed by the Scythe-Meister, who brings her to Agonistes for transformation, and who falls strangely in love with him; Dr. Talisac, a twisted doctor, addicted to many of his own medications, who creates a womb for himself for his creation to grow, and attaches himself to a machine; Venal Anatomica, a hulking assassin created by Dr. Talisac, he feels no fear or loyalty to his creator, only to the General that commands him; The Mongroid, the creature that grew in Talisac’s womb, more bestial than human, he possesses a well formed head, and a gaping maw coming from his stomach.

The proposed tagline for the film is Six Destinies – One Legacy.


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