Toru, Pakistan

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Nickname(s): Bukhara Sani
Toru is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°9′50.85″N 72°5′3.95″E / 34.1641250°N 72.0844306°E / 34.1641250; 72.0844306Coordinates: 34°9′50.85″N 72°5′3.95″E / 34.1641250°N 72.0844306°E / 34.1641250; 72.0844306
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Districts of Pakistan Mardan
Elevation 291 m (955 ft)

Toru Mardan[edit]

A street in Toru, Pakistan

Toru is a village and union council in Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[1] It has an altitude of 291 m (958 feet).[2] It is believed that village Toru has been founded by Torais, one of the military generals of Sikandar e Azam. Since it was founded by him, the name of the area was called as Torais, but as the time passed, it became Toru.

The inhabitants of Toru are Yousafzai Pashtun, tracing their origin to central Asia and Afghanistan in particular. It is a small, significant area of the Mardan district in the Khyber Pakhtun-khua province of Pakistan. The inhabitants are well educated and serving the nation in different key posts in the government as well as private sector. But for the elders and illiterate persons farming is their specialised sector for their day to day earnings. Many people from the village are working in Middle East and Europe and some are permanently settled there. Once Toru was also known as a 'Bukhara Sani' because this fertile soil has produced great religious scholars of its time. Also, people from Afghanistan and Central Asia were used to come here to seek religious knowledge from these scholars and ulema. The people of Toru are divided in different khel (castes): Khan khel, Amo khel, zaid khel, Sadi khel, Moosa khel, Boosi khel,mian berra, Biland khel of Qayum Abad, Qaziyan,mohallah Garden and Rashid Abad. Amo khel and Khan khel were the great of all time because they often used to settle the disputes among other residents of the locality also both of these khels acquired about 60% land of the village.


Toru is located South of Mardan City, surrounded by two perennial nullahs called Kalpani and Balar; the former descends down from the heights of Malakand to the plains of this vast, fertile tract, while the later comes from the adjacent district of Swabi.


Toru volleyball team practicing

Toru is also known as the Village of the Sports, the most popular being foot ball, badminton, volleyball, cricket and table tennis. Toru also has a lot of madrassas government schools, English medium schools and a government degree college Toru. Among them, the most prominent and well reputed institute is Frontier Model School and College Toru.The citizen model school toru, the standard school and the national model schools are also the pioneers in imparting quality education to the youngsters