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Toru Takasuka (高須賀 宣?, Takasuka Tōru, born 1966) is a Japanese software entrepreneur.

Takasuka founded Cybozu, one of Japan's first Web-based groupware products. In 1997 with a $200,000 loan and two partners, Takasuka left his position as Vice President of Matsushita Electric Works V-Internet Operations in Osaka, Japan for the small city of Matsuyama, where he went to work developing Cybozu.[1] Japanese for "cyber-kid", Cybozu held an Initial Public Offering within three years - at the time the fastest company rise to IPO in the history of Japan's Tosho 2 stock market. Today Cybozu is the number one groupware product in Japan.[2] In April 2005 Takasuka officially resigned his position as President and CEO at Cybozu to pursue his new vision for business collaboration on a more global level. In January 2006 Takasuka founded LUNARR, Inc. with his business partner, Hideshi Hamaguchi in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.[3] He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and Tokyo, Japan.[4]

Personal history[edit]

Born (1966, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan)[5]


1990, B.S. in Engineering Management, Hiroshima Institute of Technology


Joins Matsushita Electric Works in 1990 in client-server networking and R&D. In 1994, develops Japan's first corporate Intranet with Hideshi Hamaguchi . In 1996, becomes Vice President/Director, V-Internet Operations Matsushita Electric Works, an in-house venture company he helped create.


Leaves Matsushita Electric Works in 1997 to create Cybozu. Leaves Cybozu in 2005. January, 2006 creates LUNARR, Inc. in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

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