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A torus, pl. tori, is a type of surface. It may also refer to:

In biology:

  • The thickened part of a stem, the receptacle, from which the flower and fruit parts grow
  • Torus, a structure of the xylem
  • A synonym for a sagittal keel, a structure found in crania.

In mathematics:

In medicine:

  • Torus palatinus, a bony growth on the palate
  • Torus mandibularis, a bony growth on the mandible
  • Torus fracture, a term used in radiology to describe an incomplete fracture of the distal radius in children where there is no obvious fracture line on any radiograph.

In nuclear physics:

In astrophysics:

In architecture:

In music:

  • Torus (album), a 2013 album by Sub Focus
  • Torus, a Dutch producer

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