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Torus Games
FounderBill McIntosh
Bayswater, Victoria

Torus Games is an Australian video game developer founded in 1994 by Bill McIntosh.[1]

The company is located in Bayswater, Victoria. The Managing Director is Bill McIntosh. With the company being a family business.[2]


They'd begin developing their first game in 1994, a Game Boy and Game Gear game based on the film Stargate, published by Acclaim Entertainment.[3] Torus has released over 120 titles.

Torus has a single, scalable cross-platform game engine. The Torus game engine runs on consoles, handhelds (including those without floating point support) and mobile phones, and their unified asset pipeline allows Torus to deliver the same game from the same common code-base across all hardware platforms.[4] Torus Games also use the Unreal and Unity engines, depending on the type of project they are developing.

Their most known for its family action/adventure games based on well-known licenses.[5] Some of Torus Games' most recent releases include Beast Quest[6] on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Torus are currently developing the HD Remake of Praetorians[7] with Kalypso Media[8][circular reference].

In 2015, Torus Games were awarded the Disney Developer of the Year Award for their efforts on Disney's Imagicademy initiative.[9] They also launched their first original iOS and Android game, Crystal Crusade,[10] followed by Flipper Fox and Heidi Price and the Orient Express in 2016.[11]

In recent years, the company has partnered with Monash University to develop an educational tool assisting children with reduced attention spans. Project TALI has scope to become a screening tool, allowing for the possibility of earlier cognitive training for children with learning difficulties.[12]

List of games[edit]

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

Wii U


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS


  • Flipper Fox (Celago) (2016)
  • Heidi Price and the Orient Express (Celago) (2016), (Calypso Entertainment) (2017)
  • Crystal Crusade (Celago) (2015)
  • Mickey's Shapes Sing-Along (Disney) (2015)
  • Mickey's Magical Math World (Disney) (2015)
  • Falling Skies Planetary Warfare (Little Orbit) (2014)
  • Save Your Legs (RKPix) (2012)

Android Operating System

  • Flipper Fox (Celago) (2016)
  • Heidi Price and the Orient Express (Celago) (2016)
  • Crystal Crusade (Celago) (2015)
  • Mickey's Super Rocket Shapes (Disney) (2015)
  • Falling Skies Planetary Warfare (Little Orbit) (2014)


PlayStation 2

PlayStation Portable


Nintendo GameCube

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color

Game Boy

Game Gear

  • Star Gate (Acclaim Entertainment) (1995)


Leapfrog Series


  • Didj Racing: Tiki Tropics (2008)

Leapster 2



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