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Torx is an audio game made by Hasbro in 2000. Torx is a game that tests reflexes and memory by issuing commands to the player with voice commands.[1] The Torx unit is approximately 20 inches long when straightened. When the unit is folded, it is approximately 8" x 10" x 3".[2]

Games in Torx[edit]

Torx has four games. 'Game 1' is called Follow my Command. In this game, the player has to follow each command that Torx says. At every 15 points, there is a challenge where the player is given a sequence of commands to follow. The sequence starts with two commands and ends up with a sixteen commands in a sequence. Torx announces the start of the challenge by shouting "Torx Challenge!" then the player can start the pattern once Torx says "Ready, go." The maximum score on every game is 240. This game is similar to the Bop It game where the player has only a few seconds to follow the command. If the player does the wrong action, scores the highest possible score or runs out of time, then the game is over and a buzzer is sounded, followed by a comment from the voice of Torx and the score is announced. The three main commands in Torx are: "Twist Me" (which requires twisting the circle), "Bend me" (which requires bending one of the benders) and "Straighten me!" (which requires straightening Torx using one of the benders either side). This command can only be issued if there is only one bender bent. Torx will give out other commands such as "Bend me back" and "Bend the other side" to make the game more challenging.

'Game 2' is called Find my Shape. Torx starts off by saying "Find the shape I want to be, as fast as you can!" Then the music begins and the player bends or twists until they hear a sound to say that they have found the shape. The game is over if the player scores 240 or if the player runs out of time. 'Game 3' is called 'Torx Says'. The aim of this game is to only follow the command with the correct sound. Torx will also play another sound to try to fool the player. 'Game 4' is called 'Pass Torx'. The game is similar to Game 1 but the game unit gets passed around when Torx says "Pass Torx".


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