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Toshi Yano is an American rock musician, playing bass and keyboard. He was a founding member of the Washington, D.C., hardcore band Battery, the New York hardcore band Violent Bullshit, and of Kapow!, a Brooklyn-based band.[1] Yano also worked as a recording and mixing engineer.

Yano was a touring member of The Fiery Furnaces from 2003–2005, playing bass and keyboards on world tours with the band.[2] During that period, Yano was also a temporary bass player for Franz Ferdinand.[3]

Kapow! was a 7-piece band, fronted by Yano, which included Tris McCall on keyboards, and The Negatones frontmen Jay and Justin Braun. In 2005, the New York Times wrote that Kapow! was "old-fashioned, but frequently irresistible", featuring the "vocal harmonies and garage-rock riffs" characteristic of late-1960s pop music.[4] They released a three-song demo recording which included "In Regards to the Children," "Girl," and "Make You Mine."[5] Kapow! remained active into 2008.[6]

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