Toshiba T1000

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Toshiba T1000
Toshiba T1000 3.jpg
Toshiba T1000
Manufacturer Toshiba Corporation
Type Personal computer
Release date 1987; 29 years ago (1987)
Operating system MS-DOS 2.11
CPU 80C88 @ 4.77 MHz
Memory 512 kB RAM (expandable to 1.2 MB with optional 768 kB LIM-EMS 3.2/HardRAM card) / 256 kB ROM
Storage 1 x 720 kB 3.5" floppy disk drive
Graphics CGA card (16 kB RAM)
Sound PC speaker
Power 9 VDC, 1.1A (+ = core; - = barrel)
Dimensions 310 × 280 × 52 mm
Weight 2.9 kg

The Toshiba T1000 was a laptop computer manufactured by the Toshiba Corporation in 1987. It had a similar specification to the IBM PC Convertible, with an 4.77 MHz 80C88 processor, 512 kB of RAM, and a monochrome CGA-compatible LCD. Unlike the Convertible, it includes a standard serial port and parallel port, connectors for an external monitor, and a real-time clock.

Unusually for an IBM compatible PC, the T1000 contained a 256 kB ROM with a copy of MS-DOS 2.11. This acted as a small, read-only hard drive. Alternative operating systems could still be loaded from the floppy drive, or (if present) the ramdisk.

Along with the earlier T1100 and T1200 systems, the Toshiba T1000 was one of the early computers to feature a "laptop" form factor and battery-powered operation.


Battery Rechargeable NiCd pack (1300 mAh)
Mouse None
Keyboard Selectable between PC or AT (101)

Software Compatibility[edit]

Compatible with software written for the IBM PC/XT using a color graphics adapter (CGA) display


  • RGB (CGA) color video port
  • Composite b&w monochrome video port
  • RS-232-C serial port
  • Parallel printer port
  • Numeric keypad port
  • External diskette drive port
  • Toshiba proprietary memory slot
  • Toshiba proprietary modem slot - "B" form factor


The laptop's battery pack must be charged and working for the laptop to power on.

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