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T3100 was a laptop manufactured by Toshiba in 1986. It featured a 10 Mb hard drive, 8 MHz Intel 80286 CPU and a monochrome 9.6" gas-plasma display with a resolution of up to 640x400 pixels.

Toshiba T3100 was not a true portable, because it needed an external power source in all except the last version.

Five versions existed:

  • The T3100/20 was essentially the same as the base T3100 but with a larger hard drive (20 Mb instead of 10 Mb).
  • The T3100e had a 12 MHz 80286 CPU, 1 Mb RAM and a 20 Mb hard drive.
  • The T3100e/40 was the same as the T3100e, but with a larger 40 Mb hard drive.
  • The T3100SX had a 16 MHz i386SX CPU, 1MB RAM and a 40 Mb or 80 Mb hard drive, and also included an internal rechargeable battery for true portability.


CPU Intel 80286, 8 MHz
RAM 640 kb, upgradable to 2.6 Mb
Keyboard 83 keys, QWERTY
Drives 10 Mb hard drive; internal 3,5" floppy drive, 720 kb; connector for external 5,25" floppy drive, 360 kb
Operating System MS-DOS 3.2
Screen Resolution Graphic mode: 640×400; 640×200; Textmode: 80×25
Weight 7.5 kg

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