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The Toshiba TLCS series is a family of CISC and RISC microcontrollers from Toshiba.

TLCS-47 family[edit]

The microcontrollers in the TLCS-47 family are 4-bit systems. These are no longer advertised on the Toshiba web site.

TLCS-870 family[edit]

The microcontrollers in the TLCS-870 family use a 8-bit/16-bit architecture reminiscent of the Z80.

TLCS-900 family[edit]

The microcontrollers in the TLCS-900 family are 16-bit (TLCS-900, TLCS-900/L, TLCS-900/H and TLCS-900/L1 series) and 32-bit (TLCS-900/H1 series) systems. Most of them are CISC based, with a few systems being RISC based.

Features and differences[edit]

Current TLCS processors offer some or all of the following features:

As demand for these features differs widely depending on the requirements for a specific project (low energy consumption; high number of I/O ports; etc.), customers can choose from a wide range of different versions.

Development tools[edit]

Toshiba offers an ANSI C compatible C compiler and an assembler. Neither tool is available for free.

There is a project for porting GNU assembler to the TLCS-900 family.

Alfred Arnold's The Macroassembler AS [1] is a free assembler supporting the TLCS-47, TLCS-870, TLCS-90, TLCS-900 and TLCS-9000 families.

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