Toshio Kagami

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Toshio Kagami
Nationality Japanese
Occupation President, Tokyo Disney Resort and CEO, Oriental Land Company

Toshio Kagami (加賀見 俊夫 Kagami Toshio?, born January 5, 1936) is the Secretary General (CEO) of The Oriental Land Company.

Kagami is also a ceremonial, non-payroll employee of The Walt Disney Company as president of the Tokyo Disney Resort[citation needed] in Japan. Although the Resort is owned by the Oriental Land Company (which pays royalties to Disney for use of their name and properties), which automatically makes Kagami head of the Resort, Kagami and the vice-presidents of the two theme parks in the resort are invited to annual Walt Disney Parks and Resorts meetings as are the resort heads of the other Disney Resorts. In actuality, Kagami employs several executives at the Oriental Land Company to control the Resort as he himself has the entire company to watch over.

All attraction proposals from Walt Disney Imagineering for the resort pass through the head of WDI, the head of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as well as Kagami.