Tossal d'Orenga

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Tossal d'Orenga
Tossal d'Orenga seen from the CV-15 road
Highest point
Elevation1,144 m (3,753 ft)
ListingList of mountains in the Valencian Community
Coordinates40°23′15″N 0°04′15″W / 40.38750°N 0.07083°W / 40.38750; -0.07083Coordinates: 40°23′15″N 0°04′15″W / 40.38750°N 0.07083°W / 40.38750; -0.07083
Tossal d'Orenga is located in Spain
Tossal d'Orenga
Tossal d'Orenga
LocationAlt Maestrat
(Valencian Community)
Parent rangeSerra d'En Celler, Sistema Ibérico
Mountain typeLimestone
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Albocàsser

Tossal d'Orenga is a mountain of the Serra d'En Celler range, Valencian Community, Spain. It reaches an elevation of 1,144 metres (3,753 ft) above sea level.[1] Its name means "Peak of Oregano", owing to the presence of the herb in its slopes.

Located within the Ares del Maestre municipal term, in a relatively uninhabited area, close to the CV-12 road, it is a popular mountain among those who do paragliding in the region.

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