Tosterup Castle

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Tosterup Castle
Tosterups slott
Tomelilla Municipality
Tosterups slott.jpg
Tosterup Castle
Tosterup Castle is located in Skåne
Tosterup Castle
Tosterup Castle
Coordinates55°28′48″N 13°59′11″E / 55.48°N 13.986389°E / 55.48; 13.986389
Site information
Open to
the public
Site history
Built15th century

Tosterup Castle (Swedish: Tosterups slott) is a castle in Tomelilla Municipality, Scania, in southern Sweden. It is situated approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north-east of Ystad.


List of owners of Tosterup Castle:[1]

  • Early 1300s – Axel Eskildsen Mule
  • 1300s – His daughter Barbara's husband Torkild Nielsen Brahe
Anders Jacobsen Grim
Dennes son Jens Andersen Grim
Peder Torkildsen Brahe
Their son Axel Pedersen Brahe
His son Peder Axelsen Brahe
  • 1441-1487 – His son Axel Pedersen Brahe, married to Maren Tygesdatter Lunge
  • 1487-1523 – Their son Tyge Axelsen Brahe, married first time to Magdalene Krognos, second time to Sophie Rud
  • 1523-1565 – His son Jörgen Tygesen Brahe, married to Inger Oxe
  • 1565-1571 – His brother Otte Tygesen Brahe, married to Beate Bille
  • 1571-1601 – Their son Jörgen Ottesen Brahe, married to Ingeborg Parsberg
  • 1601-1611 – Their son Tönne Jörgensen Brahe
  • 1611-1615 – His uncle Knud Ottesen Brahe, married to Margrete Eriksdatter Lange
  • 1615-1616 – His brother Axel Ottesen Brahe, married first time to Mette Gjöe, second time to Kirsten Hardenberg
  • 1616-1640 – His son Tyge Axelsen Brahe, married to Birgitte Brock
  • 1640-1656 – Through purchase Otte Tagesen Thott, married first time to Jytte Gyldenstierne, second time to Dorte Rosencrantz
  • 1656-1688 – His daughter Jytte Thott, married to Jörgen Krabbe (d. 1678)
  • 1688–1688 – Her brother-in-law Just Hög
  • 1688-1693 – Through purchase Rutger von Ascheberg, married to Maria Eleonora von Busseck, genannt München
  • 1693-1722 – Their son Christian Ludwig von Ascheberg
  • 1722-1753 – His sister Margareta von Ascheberg, married to Kjell Christoffer Barnekow
  • 1753-1772 – Their son Rutger Barnekow, married to Mariana Lovisa Maclean
  • 1772-1782 – Their daughters Margareta Lovisa, married to Jacob Wilhelm Bennet, and Eleonora Mariana, married to Anders Reinhold Wrangel
  • 1782-1783 – Through purchase Eric Ruuth
  • 1783-1791 – Through purchase Johan Sparre, married to Alexandrine de Cheusses
  • 1791-1810 – His widow Alexandrine de Cheusses
  • 1810-1832 – Through purchase her son-in-law Isaac Lars Silfversparre,married to Sophie Sparre, who was the widow of Carl August Ehrensvärd
  • 1832-1858 – By inheritance and purchase by the latter's son Gustaf Ehrensvärd, married to Henrietta Virginia Sofia Catharina Adlercreutz
  • 1858-1901 – Their son Albert Ehrensvärd, married to Ingeborg Hedvig (Hedda) Vogt
  • 1901-1904 – His widow Hedda Ehrensvärd and their seven children
  • 1904-1944 – Their son Carl August Ehrensvärd along with his siblings and until 1912 his son Augustin Ehrensvärd
  • 1944-1947 – Carl August Ehrensvärd and four cousins
  • 1947-1957 – Carl August Ehrensvärd, married first time to Gisele Dorotée Anna-Luise Marianne Lilla von Bassewitz, second time to Svea Elisabeth Lachman
  • 1957-???? – His son Gustaf Jörgen* Ehrensvärd, married to Ebba Gunilla* Banér
  • 1992–present – Jan Ehrensvärd

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