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Total Television was founded in 1959 by Buck Biggers, Chester "Chet" Stover,[1] Joe Harris, and Treadwell D. Covington. They were executives in the advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample who had the account for the General Mills food corporation. Total was formed to create cartoon characters encouraging children to buy General Mills breakfast cereals and other products.


The studio produced animated series from 1959–1969 at Gamma Productions, a primitive start-up company, which was contracted to produce the animation for Jay Ward Productions' output. Ward was never satisfied with the work performed at Gamma, being crude and substandard, sloppily done and very limited.

Total Television is the animation studio responsible for

Much of Total Television's library for post-network syndication is handled by The Program Exchange, while underlying rights are owned by DreamWorks Classics/DreamWorks Animation (via NBCUniversal).


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