Totally Minnie

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Totally Minnie
Directed by Scott Garen
Produced by Scott Garen
Joie Albrecht
Written by Joie Albrecht
Starring Minnie Mouse
Robert Carradine
Suzanne Somers
Elton John
Mickey Mouse
Distributed by Walt Disney Television
Buena Vista Television
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
45 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Totally Minnie is a 1988 musical television special on NBC hosted by Suzanne Somers and starring Minnie Mouse. It was the first film to feature Minnie Mouse in the lead role, and, until the premiere of Mickey Mouse Works in 1999, this was the only time Minnie had any starring role.[1]


The film centres on nerd Maxwell Dweeb (Robert Carradine), who is a loner with no friends. While watching television, he sees an advertisement for the Minnie Mouse Center for the Totally Unhip, named after its owner, Minnie Mouse. Dweeb, in an effort to improve himself socially, decides to attend.

After being welcomed by the Director (Suzanne Somers), Dweeb is taken on a tour of the centre, where other Disney characters run various courses: Goofy is a fitness instructor, Donald Duck is a wardrobe manager, and Pluto is a messenger boy. After finally meeting Minnie Mouse, Dweeb is taken on by the Director. After seeing Elton John sing a duet with Minnie in Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Maxwell feels he has it figured out and displays his new hip personality with clothes akin to Elton's, but the Director stops him saying that it is just not him, and that hipness does not equal emulation of another's style. Minnie takes Maxwell on a shopping spree; then the Director, impressed by a newly madeover Maxwell Dweeb, decides to date him.

The film is intershot with various musical numbers (including the duet Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Minnie Mouse and Elton John) and excerpts from early Disney shorts, including a D-TV number of Janet Jackson's Nasty with a montage of male Disney villains such as Black Pete, Captain Hook and Duke Igthorn shown.

Main cast[edit]

Minor cast[edit]

  • Eddie Murphy (uncredited, was seen in a photo during the commercial for Minnie Mouse's Center for the Totally Unhip)
  • Tina Turner (uncredited, was seen on the wall of Minnie's Center)


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