Totapuri (mango)

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Mangifera 'Totapuri'
Mango Sandersha Asit fs8.jpg
Totapuri mangoes
SpeciesMangifera indica

The 'Totapuri' mango, or Ginimoothi, is a cultivar that is widely grown in south India and is partially cultivated in Sri Lanka.[1] It also goes by the names Bangalora, Collector, Kallamai, Kili Mooku, Gilli, Mukku, and Sandersha.[2] In Bengaluru it is referred to as Ginimoothi Maavina Kayi,[3] while most of the rest of India calls it Totapuri or Bangalora. It literally translates to parrot face (gini = parrot, muthi = face).


Totapuri was imported to Florida in 1901 as Sandersha and in the 1960s as Totapuri. It is the parent of at least two Florida mango cultivars, Anderson and Brooks.[2]


Totapuri is one of the main cultivars grown in India for mango pulp, along with Alphonso and Dasheri mango andKesar.[4] The tree is medium size with greenish yellow fruits.[2]


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