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Totem Acoustic
Founded Montreal, Canada, 1987
Founder Vince Bruzzese
Products loudspeaker systems
Website Official Website

Totem Acoustic is a Montreal, Canada-based manufacturer of loudspeaker systems.


Totem Acoustic was founded in 1987 by Vince Bruzzese, also the company's chief designer.

After two years of research, Totem released its first small-volume box design loudspeaker, the Model One in 1989. This was the company's only model in the early years. In 1992, the Tott, the Rokk, and the Mani-2 were launched.

Totem has continued to specialise in small box loudspeakers, of both mini-monitors and floor standing types. It also manufacturers subwoofers and speaker systems for home theater.



Totem loudspeakers have been designed to exhibit liveliness and spaciousness[clarification needed] of the sound of live music. This is in part attributed to the boro-silicate material (similar to that used on the space shuttle) used to damp the insides of the cabinets, and partly due to the attention paid to the crossover components.

Sonic characteristics[edit]

Totem speakers have been widely acclaimed,[1] particularly for their dynamics, soundstage, harmonics, neutral timbre, and rhythm.


  • Arro - floor-standing speaker
  • Sttaf - floor-standing speaker
  • Hawk - floor-standing speaker
  • Forest - floor-standing speaker
  • Wind - floor-standing speaker
  • Mite - miniature bookshelf speaker
  • Model 1
  • Mani 2 - isobaric bookshelf speaker
  • Dreamcatcher Monitors
  • Storm - Subwoofer
  • Thunder - Subwoofer
  • Lightning
  • Shaman - floor-standing speaker
  • Rainmaker - bookshelf speaker


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