Totenkopf (hill)

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Totenkopf 001.jpg
Totenkopf with communications tower visible
Highest point
Elevation 557 m (1,827 ft)
Prominence 364 metres (1,194 ft)
Coordinates 48°04′51″N 7°40′14″E / 48.08083°N 7.67056°E / 48.08083; 7.67056Coordinates: 48°04′51″N 7°40′14″E / 48.08083°N 7.67056°E / 48.08083; 7.67056
Translation Skull (German)
Totenkopf is located in Baden-Württemberg
The location within Baden-Württemberg
Location Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Parent range Kaiserstuhl

The Totenkopf is a hill in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, forming the highest point in the Kaiserstuhl region. The hill is topped by an observation tower and a 120-m (394-ft) Deutsche Telekom communications tower. Wine and fruit are cultivated on its slopes.


The name of the hill Totenkopf, meaning Skull, dates back to the Middle Ages - when skulls were said to be abound on it—the German King Otto, who would be later become the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III chose this hill to be the place of execution after the day of hearing close to Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl and had his judgements carried out here, so convicts were beheaded on the soon to be called Totenkopf (i.e. Skull).[1]


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