Totes Gebirge

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Totes Gebirge
Gory Martwe aerial 1.jpg
Aerial photo of Totes Gebirge
Highest point
Peak Großer Priel
Elevation 2,515 m (8,251 ft)
Coordinates 47°43′1″N 14°3′48″E / 47.71694°N 14.06333°E / 47.71694; 14.06333Coordinates: 47°43′1″N 14°3′48″E / 47.71694°N 14.06333°E / 47.71694; 14.06333
Alps location map (Totes Gebirge, AVE).png
Totes Gebirge (in red) within the Alps.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
Country Austria
States Styria and Upper Austria
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps

The Totes Gebirge is a group of mountains in Austria, part of the Northern Limestone Alps, lying between the Salzkammergut and the Ennstaler Alpen. The name Totes Gebirge is derived from the German words tot meaning "dead", referring to the apparent lack of vegetation, and Gebirge meaning "mountain range". The area is a large karst plateau with steep sides, and several mountain peaks above 2000 m. The highest point is the summit of Großer Priel, at 2,515 metres (8,251 ft)

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