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Totimoshi - Meg Castellanos.jpg
Meg Castellanos in 2009
Background information
Origin Oakland, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, alternative metal, punk rock
Years active 1999–present
Labels Volcom Entertainment
Members Antonio "Tony" Aguilar (guitar/vocals)
Meg Castellanos (bass)
Chris Fugitt (drums)

Totimoshi, founded in Oakland, CA in 1997, is an American rock band based in Los Angeles. The trio, who now reside in sunny Southern California, has been unrelenting and uncompromising in their vision. Their music incorporates all that's Cali. Raised in the high desert mountains of California just 30 minutes from the home town of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, Antonio Aguilar shares Beefheart and Zappa's air of adventure and uncompromising spirit. He writes songs that sound like his mountains look: dark, mysterious, dry and powerful. Each song has a breath of its own. You won't find a record where every song sounds alike. In Totimoshi you'll find passion and feeling. Pitchfork saidi: “It reaches the luminous place that Charlie Sexton's Under the Wishing Tree occupied, the union of "roots" and "rock.” Totimoshi have toured extensively across the US, Canada and Europe with Mastodon, High on Fire, Helmet, and Melvins. Countless reviewers have tried unsuccessfully to pigeonhole this California trio as it's easier to say - "they sound like" or "it's reminiscent of" than it is to listen, comprehend and articulate. “Genres aren’t for us,” says Aguilar . Why? “Well, because we sound like no one else, never wanted to. I made up my own tuning. I basically had to re-learn how to play guitar. It sets us apart though, all that effort.

Style and reception[edit]

Inspired by bands such as the Zappa and Jimi Hendrix, although the 2008 album Milagrosa borrows more from the band Shellac.[1] Milagrosa, a concept album and stylistic departure from the band's previous albums,[1] is written to the themes of the battle between love and hate, according to the vocalist, Tony Aguilar.[2] It received a 7.5/10 score on Pitchfork Media,[3] and 3/4 from the eZine Static Multimedia.[4]

The 2006 album Ladrón received a 3.5/5 score from Tiny Mix Tapes, and was praised for being "sophisticated" and "patently enjoyable".[5] It was also praised by eZines such as Deaf Sparrow.[6]


Year Album Label Notes
1999 Totimoshi self-released out of print
2002 ¿Mysterioso?"' Crucial Blast Drums by Johann Zamosa
2003 Monoli" This Dark Reign Recordings Drums by Don Newenhouse
2006 Ladrón Crucial Blast Records, Volcom Entertainment (2007) Drums by Luke Herbst, Chris Irizarry;[5] Produced by Page Hamilton
2008 Milagrosa Volcom Entertainment Guest vocals by Mike Kissam; Produced by Page Hamilton and Toshi Kasai
2011 Avenger At a Loss drums by Chris Fugitt Source: Official website


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