Toto (dessert)

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Jamaican toto cake.jpg
Toto cake being baked
Type Cake
Place of origin Jamaica
Main ingredients Coconut, sugar, flour
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Toto (also referred to as tuoto and toe-toe bulla)[1] is a small coconut cake in Jamaican cuisine.[2][3][4] served as a snack or dessert.[5] The cake is typically prepared with shredded coconut, brown sugar, flour, baking soda and powder and coconut milk.[1]


It was stated in the book Jamaican food: history, biology, culture, published in 2008, that the food appears to have been invented in the twentieth century,[1] and that by the end of the twentieth century they were difficult to find.[1] That claim might be erroneous as the food is typically made in homes and not sold widely in stores. Toto recipes are passed down within families, some claiming to have recipes from the 19th Century. toto is not related to and should not be confused with Coco Bread.

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