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Totolapan is a municipality in the Mexican state of Morelos.

The city serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality, with which it shares a name. The municipality reported 8,742 inhabitants in the year 2000 census.

The toponym Totolapan comes from a Nahuatl name and means "birds on water".


The town was originally a Xochimilca village until Gonzalo de Sandoval took it in the name of Hernán Cortés at the beginning of the Spanish Conquest. The native population was evangelized by the Augustinians and the Monastery of San Guillermo was built in 1545, becoming one of the first colonial monasteries in Mexico.


The main town is composed by the four traditional barrios: La Purísima, Barrio San Agustín, Barrio San Marcos and Barrio San Sebastián.

In addition to the main town, there are other localities within the municipality: Ahuatlan, Ampliacion San Sebastián, El Fuerte, San Sebastian (La Cañada), Nepopualco, Villa Nicolás Zapata and Santa Bárbara.

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Coordinates: 18°58′N 98°55′W / 18.967°N 98.917°W / 18.967; -98.917