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Tototek is a Hong Kong-based company that develops video game accessories, with a big focus on older consoles. Among their products are flash cartridges for the Sega Master System, PC Engine, Mega Drive and SNES. They have converters which make it possible to use PlayStation joypads on other systems. Also available are backup units, which make it possible to transfer cartridge data onto computers.

Some products [1]:

  • Master System to MarkIII Converter
  • SUPER-FLASH 64M kit for SNES
  • MD-PRO 32M for Mega Drive
  • SMS-PRO 32M for Master System
  • Classic Joypad converter for 3DO
  • GG-PRO 32M flash cart for Game Gear
  • PCE-PRO 32M flash cart for TG-16/PC Engine
  • Classic Joypad converter for NEO-GEO
  • Mega Cart

They did also manufacture Beggar Prince.

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