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Tottenham Mandem Crew
Founded 1970s
Founding location Tottenham, North London
Years active 1970s to present
Territory Tottenham and South Tottenham, in North London
Ethnicity Jamaican[1] and Mixed British[2]
Membership 1000+
Criminal activities Drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping and contract killing
Allies Peckham Boys, Ponders End Boys, Mozart CFR, 135 Piru (Manor House) and (Stamford Hill), Grey Gang (Hornsey), Andy Stewardz CTO (Hammersmith), Somerford Grove (Somerford Grove Estate), Putney Mandem, Stick 'em Up Kids (Battersea), Busy Block (Archway), Bunty men (Islington)
Rivals The Badage Boys, Wood Green MOB, Only The Squad, BoJo City Hall Piru, Shankstarz and Young Dem Africans (y.d.a) London Field Boys (Hackney)

The Tottenham Mandem (TMD) are an organized street gang based in Tottenham, North London that began on the Broadwater Farm estate prior to the Broadwater Farm riot in 1985. One of the early members and later leader Mark Lambie (jailed in 2002), was a suspect in the murder of PC Keith Blakelock during that riot.[3] Lambie had been top of Operation Trident's wanted list due to the close links he had built with gangs in Wembley, Harlesden and south London.[4]


The gang is composed of over fifty affiliated sets, according to geographical location. These include Star Gang/Stargang, Bloodline, Traveline, Moneybookers, The Big Murder Chaps, Broadwater Farm, Reed Road Crips, Finchley Spunkas, The Park Lane Two Pin Din Plugs, Bruce Castle Kings, Bunty Hoven's Rangers, West Green, MarrowStarz, Wood Green Meanies, Chestnut Black Gang, ÜmlaütStärz Ida Bloodstarz, Bow Buy to Letters, Barry Aubergine Late Night Bingo Revellers, Wedgewood Breakers, The Muswell Hillbillies, NPK, Philip Lane Boys,The Bruce Castle-Cwmbran Alliance, Scotland Green, Rüdiger Garden City, Tower Gardens Black Bandana Gang (New Youngers Set), Stonebridge Mandem (Ermine/Plevna/Stonebridge), Broad Lane, Walthamstow Allotment Pensionaz, Suffolk & Twyford Goons, Notorious one-man gang "Naughty Arthur", Tiverton Piru, Ida Piru, Infamous brother-sister gang "Tito and Tina", Sloppy Godfrey's Gringos, Rod, Jane & Freddie, Rancid Randall's Bastards, Westside Downtrodden, Smiley Canteen Culture of Racism, and the Red Kennedys.


In January 2014, it was reported that the Metropolitan Police had set up Operation Dibri to tackle the TMD. The operation, live since November 2008, saw police "conducting a confidential covert proactive operation" in a bid to arrest the most senior members of a gang whose "line of business" involved the supply of class A drugs, firearms, kidnapping, blackmail and GBH. In 2011, the TMD ranked second on the Met’s organised Crime Network matrix, making them the second most harmful gang in the capital. "TMD members and their associates are regularly attending nightclubs and parties in the London area and when doing so have firearms either on their person or nearby with their associates," a police report from 25 July 2011, said.[5]


Between 1996 and 2004 over a dozen murders were attributed to the gang rivalry between the NPK and Hackney Boys.[6] In June 2009, NPK gang members were imprisoned for the murder of Gary Guthrie [7] and ongoing violence between the NPK set and rivals Shankstarz from neighbouring Edmonton in 2009.[8]

Mark Duggan[edit]

Main article: Death of Mark Duggan

In August 2011, Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old Tottenham resident, was shot and killed by the Metropolitan Police in Tottenham, North London. Officers were attempting to arrest Duggan, who had allegedly been carrying a handgun, on suspicion of planning an attack: he died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The circumstances of Duggan's killing resulted in public protests in Tottenham which were widely seen as the proximate cause of the 2011 England riots.

It was suggested in the aftermath of Duggan's death that "he started the Star Gang, a spin–off from the infamous Tottenham Mandem gang believed to have been involved in the weekend's disturbances."[9]


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