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National University Corporation Tottori University
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Tottori Campus
(Fusion of Knowledge and Practice)
TypePublic (National)
PresidentRyota Teshima
CampusTottori, Yonago
WebsiteTottori University

National University Corporation Tottori University (国立大学法人鳥取大学, Tottori Daigaku), abbreviated to Toridai (鳥大), is a national university in Japan. The main campus is located in Koyamachō-Minami, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture.[2] Another campus, the Faculty of Medicine, is located on the Yonago Campus in Yonago, Tottori.


Tottori University (TU) was established in 1949 by integrating five national colleges in Tottori Prefecture:

  1. Yonago Medical College (米子医科大学, Yonago Ika daigaku), established in 1948,
  2. Yonago Professional School of Medicine (米子医学専門学校, Yonago Igaku Senmon Gakkō), founded in 1945,[3]
  3. Tottori College of Agriculture and Forestry (鳥取農林専門学校, Tottori Nōrin Senmon Gakkō), founded in 1920 as Tottori Agricultural College,
  4. Tottori Normal School (鳥取師範学校, Tottori Shihan Gakkō), founded in 1874, also known as the Tottori Teachers Training Institute,[3]
  5. Tottori Youth Normal School (鳥取青年師範学校, Tottori seinen shihan gakkō, founded in 1921)[2][3]

The university at first had three faculties: the Faculties of Liberal Arts (in Tachikawa-cho Campus), Medicine (in Yonago Campus) and Agriculture (in Yoshikata Campus). The latter history of the university is as follows:

  • 1965: the Faculty of Engineering was established (in Tachikawa-cho Campus).
  • 1966: the Faculty of Liberal Arts was renamed Faculty of Education.
    • In August 1966 the Faculties of Education, Engineering and Agriculture were removed to the new-born Koyama Campus, which is now the main Tottori Campus.
    • The former Tachikawa-cho and Yoshikata Campuses are now used as Sanyo and Epson factories.
  • 1999: the Faculty of Education was reorganized into Faculty of Education and Regional Sciences.
  • 2004: the Faculty of Education and Regional Sciences was reorganized into Faculty of Regional Sciences.


Faculties (undergraduate schools)[edit]

Yonago Campus
  • Faculty of Regional Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine (in Yonago Campus)
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture

Graduate schools[edit]

  • Graduate School of Regional Sciences (Master's courses only)
  • Graduate School of Medical Sciences (Yonago Campus)
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Agriculture (Master's courses only)
  • United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (Doctoral courses only)
  • United Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine (Doctoral courses only)


Institutes and related facilities[edit]

Arid Land Research Center in Tottori Sand Dunes

General rankings[edit]

Tottori university ranked 30th of Japan's top 300 universities in 2014 in the ranking "Truly Strong Universities" by Toyo Keizai. In another ranking, the university ranked 44th in Japan in the ranking by University Ranking by Academic Performance among 730 universities in 2013-2014.


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