Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

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"Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" is the 11th song in The Rocky Horror Show score. It is sung by Janet in both the play and film versions. Originally sung in London by Julie Covington.


The song was written by Richard O'Brien especially for the stage play. It expresses Janet's feeling of loss for Brad cheating on her, her feelings of frustration concerning sexual matters and her pent-up angst of no one being intimate with her. The main focus of the song is sexual exploration. It shows Janet welcoming pure lust.

Chord progression[edit]

The song features a less common progression of Dm-C-G-Am in the verse with a more common D-E-G-D in the chorus. In the stage version of Rocky Horror, the song ends with Janet tearing off her brassiere and going down on the creature.

The chord progression from the movie follows Cm-B♭-E♭-Fm-B♭-E♭-(F♯)G-(F♯)G for the verse and C-D-F-C for the chorus, stepping up one half step to C♯-E♭-F♯-C♯ for the last chorus. The F♯-C♯ chords repeat in the coda (over the Creature of the Night... lyric).