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TouchFLO is a user-interface designed by HTC. It is used by dragging a finger up the screen and moving a finger left and right to access common tasks. TouchFLO was used in the HTC Touch Family of Pocket PCs and was succeeded by TouchFLO 3D, which in turn was succeeded by HTC Sense. TouchFLO can be found on these phones:

The HTC Touch Viva and HTC Touch 3G have a version of TouchFLO 3D that lacks the 3D visual effects found on other devices with TouchFLO 3D. HTC is also calling this significantly different user interface TouchFLO.[1][2]

Today Screen plugin[edit]

The Today Screen plugin consists of 3 or 4 tabs which provide quick access to key functionality. The tabs contain:

  • Home - Features a clock, below which are the numbers of unread emails, texts and missed calls - each of which links to the relevant application.
  • Weather - Displays the weather for a user-selected city (and a 5-day forecast).
  • Launcher - 9 customisable shortcuts to applications.
  • Sound - Enables quick customisation of the ringtone and changing of the phone between sound modes (normal, vibrate, silent, etc.). Only available on the HTC Touch Cruise.

3D Touch Cube[edit]

The 3D Touch Cube is accessed by dragging your finger up the screen and different sides of the cube are switched between by swiping your finger left or right. The cube has 3 sides:

  • A side featuring Music, Photos and Videos buttons. If the HTC music player is playing music, information about and controls for the piece of music that is currently playing can be found beneath the music button.
  • A side containing shortcuts to important applications - Email, SMS/MMS, Internet Explorer, Tasks, Comm Manager and Calendar.
  • A side containing 9 customisable shortcuts to contacts, featuring pictures of the contacts, as well as shortcuts to the phone application and full contact list.

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