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Pronunciation Arabic: [taufɪq]
Gender Male
Word/name Arabic/Hebrew
Meaning Success
Other names
Alternative spelling Taofeeq, Taofeek, Taofik, Taofiq, Taoufic, Taoufik, Taoufiq, Taufeeq, Taufic, Taufick, Taufik, Taufiq, Tawfeeq, Tawfic, Tawfick, Tawfiq, Thewfick, Thewfik, Thewfiq, Thoufiq, Tefik, Teufik, Tevfik, Tewfick, Tewfik, Tofic, Tofick, Tofig, Tofik, Tofiq, Tovic, Tovik, Tovick, Toviq, Toufic, Toufik, Toufick, Touvik, Tufic, Tufick, Tufik, Tuvic, Tuvick, Tuvik, Tuviq

Tawfik (Arabic: توفيق‎) is an Arabic name given to males. The Hebrew equivalent for male given name is (Hebrew: תוביק‎) Tovik or Tuvik. Both names are derived from the ancient Semitic root T-F-K meaning "good", "success", "God is good with you", "reconciliation", "good fortune" or "fortunate". It is also possible to be used as a surname. The name is similar in meaning to "Tobias".

Given name[edit]