Tough Enough (2006 film)

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en:Tough Enough
DVD cover
Directed by Detlev Buck
Produced by Cluas Boje
Starring David Kross
Jenny Elvers
Erhan Emre
Oktay Özdemir
Kida Ramadan
Music by Bert Wrede
Cinematography Kolja Brandt
Edited by Dirk Grau
Boje Buck
Distributed by Delphi Filmverleih
Release date
Running time
98 min.
Country Germany
Language German

Tough Enough (German title: Knallhart) is a German film directed by Detlev Buck, based on the novel Knallhart by Gregor Tessnow and released in 2006. Main actors are David Kross and Jenny Elvers. The screenplay is written by Gregor Tessnow and Zoran Drvenkar.


"When Miriam splits up with her wealthy lover, she and her 15-year-old son Michael have to move from posh Zehlendorf to run-down Berlin-Neukölln. The boy finds friends in his new neighborhood, but at school he is victimized and pressed for money by Erol and his gang. Handing over money from a burglary rather serves to encourage the bullies instead of warding them off, so Michael is desperately looking for a better solution." [1]


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