Toulouse 1814 Order of Battle

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Toulouse 1814 Order of Battle

The Battle of Toulouse saw a French army led by Marshal Nicolas Soult defend the city of Toulouse against the Marquess of Wellington's British, Portuguese, and Spanish army. The fighting took place on 10 April 1814 and Soult evacuated the city late in the evening of 11 April after suffering defeat. Allied casualties in the bitter fighting exceeded French losses by more than a thousand. Official news of the end of the war did not reach Wellington until the afternoon of 12 April.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Anglo-Allied Army[edit]

Commander-in-Chief: Field Marshal the Marquess of Wellington[1][2][3]

Cavalry Commander: Lt Gen Stapleton Cotton

Quartermaster-General: Maj Gen Sir George Murray

Adjutant-General: Maj Gen the Hon Edward Pakenham

Military Secretary: Capt (brevet Lt Col) Lord FitzRoy Somerset

Commander, Royal Artillery: brevet Lt Col Alexander Dickson

Commander, Royal Engineers: Lt Col Howard Elphinstone

Army total: 48,765 (40,325 infantry, 6,490 cavalry, 1,950 artillery)

Wellington's Corps[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others
Light Division

    Maj Gen Charles Alten
    (4,275 total)

1st Brigade

    Maj Gen James Kempt

  • 1/43rd Foot
  • 1/95th Rifles
  • 3/95th Rifles
  • 3rd Portuguese Caçadores
2nd Brigade

    Lt Col John Colborne

  • 1/52nd Foot
  • 2/95th Rifles
  • 1st Portuguese Caçadores
  • 17th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
3rd Division

    Lt Gen Thomas Picton
    (4,566 total)

1st Brigade

    Maj Gen Thomas Brisbane

  • 1/45th Foot
  • 1/74th Foot
  • 1/88th Foot
  • 5/60th Rifles
2nd Brigade

    Col John Keane

  • 1/5th Foot
  • 2/83rd Foot
  • 2/87th Foot
  • 94th Foot
3rd Brigade

    Maj Gen Manley Power

  • 9th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 21st Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 11th Portuguese Caçadores
Cavalry Division

    Maj Gen Henry Fane[4]
    (1,707 total)

Heavy Cavalry Brigade

    Col Clifton
    (891 total)

Light Cavalry Brigade

    Col Doherty (vice Fane)
    (816 total)

Unattached Cavalry Brigades

    (2,127 total)

Heavy Cavalry Brigade

    Lord Charles Manners
    (1,426 total)

Heavy Cavalry Brigade

    Brig Gen Bülow[5]
    (701 total)

  • 1st KGL Dragoons
  • 2nd KGL Dragoons

    (1,950 total)[6]

Corps total: 14,625 (8,841 infantry, 3,834 cavalry, 1,950 artillery)

Freire's Corps (part of Spanish 4th Army)[edit]

Gen Manuel Freire[7]

Division Regiments and Others
Spanish 4th Division

    Gen Marcilla
    (3,959 total)

  • Corona
  • Rivero
  • Oviedo
  • Cántabro
  • Laredo
  • Tiradores de Cantabria
Spanish 5th Division

    Gen Espeleta
    (3,576 total)

  • 2º Asturias
  • Guadalajara
  • 6º Regimiento de Marina
  • Voluntarios de Asturias
  • Santiago
  • Preto's Portuguese Battery
  • Arriaga's Portuguese Battery
Corps total: 7,535 infantry

Hill's Corps[edit]

Lt Gen Sir Rowland Hill

Division Brigade Regiments and Others
2nd Division

    Lt Gen the Hon Sir William Stewart
    (6,940 total)

1st Brigade

    Maj Gen John Byng

  • 1/3rd Foot
  • 1/57th Foot
  • 1st Provisional Bn (2/31st and 2/66th Foot)
2nd Brigade

    Maj Gen Edward Barnes

  • 1/50th Foot
  • 1/71st Foot
  • 1/92nd Foot
3rd Brigade

    Col the Hon Richard O'Callaghan

  • 1/28th Foot
  • 2/34th Foot
  • 1/39th Foot
Portuguese Brigade

    Lt Col Henry Hardinge

  • 6th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 18th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 6th Portuguese Caçadores
Portuguese Division

    Maj Gen Carlos Le Cor
    (3,952 total)

1st Brigade

    Brig Gen Almeida

  • 2nd Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 14th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
2nd Brigade

    Maj Gen John Buchan

  • 4th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 10th Portuguese Line (2 bns)
  • 10th Portuguese Caçadores
Spanish 1st Division

    Gen Pablo Morillo
    (2,001 total)

  • León
  • Vitoria
  • Doyle
  • Maxwell's Battery, RA
  • Beane's Troop, RHA
  • Da Silva's Portuguese Battery
  • Michael's Portuguese Battery
Corps total: 12,893 infantry

Beresford's Corps[edit]

Marshal William Beresford

Division[8] Brigade Regiments and Others
4th Division

    Lt Gen Galbraith Lowry Cole
    (5,363 total)

1st Brigade

    Maj Gen William Anson

  • 3/27th Foot
  • 1/40th Foot
  • 1/48th Foot
2nd Brigade

    Maj Gen Robert Ross

  • 1/7th Foot
  • 1/20th Foot
  • 1/23rd Foot
Portuguese Brigade

    Brig Gen José Vasconcellos

  • 11th Portuguese Line
  • 23rd Portuguese Line
  • 7th Portuguese Caçadores
6th Division

    Lt Gen Sir Henry Clinton
    (5,693 total)

1st Brigade

    Maj Gen Denis Pack

  • 1/42nd Foot
  • 1/79th Foot
  • 1/91st Foot
2nd Brigade

    Maj Gen John Lambert

  • 1/11th Foot
  • 1/36th Foot
  • 1/61st Foot
Portuguese Brigade

    Col James Douglas

  • 8th Portuguese Line
  • 12th Portuguese Line
  • 9th Portuguese Caçadores

    (2,656 total)

1st Hussar Brigade

    Maj Gen Edward Somerset
    (1,717 total)

2nd Hussar Brigade

    Col Friedrich Arentschildt (vice Hussey Vivian[9])

  • Daniel's Battery, RA
  • Brandreth's Battery, RA
Corps total: 13,712 (11,056 infantry, 2,656 cavalry)

French Army of Spain[edit]

Commander-in-Chief: Marshal Soult[10][11]

Army total: 38,843 (31,793 infantry, 2,700 cavalry, 4,350 artillery)

Division Brigade Regiments and Others
1st Division

    GD Augustin Darricau
    (3,490 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Fririon

  • 6th Légère (1 bn)
  • 76th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 69th Ligne (2 bns)
2nd Brigade

    GB Berlier

  • 36th Ligne (2 bns)
  • 39th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 65th Ligne (2 bns)
2nd Division

    GD Jean Darmagnac
    (4,456 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Leseur

  • 31st Légère (2 bns)
  • 51st Ligne (1 bn)
  • 75th Ligne (2 bns)
2nd Brigade

    GB Menne

  • 118th Ligne (3 bns)
  • 120th Ligne (3 bns)
4th Division

    GD Eloi Charlemagne Taupin (k)
    (4,864 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Rey[12]

  • 12th Légère (2 bns)
  • 32nd Ligne (2 bns)
  • 43rd Ligne (2 bns)
2nd Brigade

    GB Gasquet

  • 47th Ligne (2 bns)
  • 55th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 58th Ligne (1 bn)
5th Division

    GD Jean-Pierre Maransin
    (3,196 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Barbot

  • 4th Légère (1 bn)
  • 40th Ligne (2 bns)
  • 50th Ligne (1 bn)
2nd Brigade

    GB Rouget

  • 27th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 34th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 59th Ligne (1 bn)
6th Division

    GD Eugene-Casimir Villatte
    (4,270 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Saint-Pol

  • 21st Légère (1 bn)
  • 86th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 96th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 100th Ligne (1 bn)
2nd Brigade

    GB Lamorandière

  • 28th Légère (1 bn)
  • 103rd Ligne (1 bn)
  • 119th Ligne (2 bns)
8th Division

    GD Jean Isidore Harispe
    (4,250 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Dauture

  • 9th Légère (2 bns)
  • 25th Légère (2 bns)
  • 34th Légère (2 bns)
2nd Brigade

    GB Baurot

  • 10th Légère (2 bns)
  • 45th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 81st Ligne (1 bn)
  • 115th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 116th Ligne (1 bn)
  • 117th Ligne (1 bn)
Reserve Division

    GD Jean-Pierre Travot
    (7,267 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Pourailly

  • 4 bns conscripts
2nd Brigade

    GB Vuillemont

  • 4 bns conscripts
Cavalry Division

    GD Pierre Benoît Soult
    (2,700 total)

1st Brigade

    GB Berton

  • 2nd Hussars
  • 13th Chasseurs à Cheval
  • 21st Chasseurs à Cheval
2nd Brigade

    GB Vial

  • 5th Chasseurs à Cheval
  • 10th Chasseurs à Cheval
  • 15th Chasseurs à Cheval
  • 22nd Chasseurs à Cheval

    (4,350 total)

  • Artillery, Engineers, Other
Army total: 38,843 (31,793 infantry, 2,700 cavalry, 4,350 artillery)


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