Toulouse Space Center

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Entrance of the Toulouse Space Center

The Toulouse Space Centre is a center for research and development relating to space travel. It covers about fifty acres in the area of Rangueil-Lespinet. Near the historic site of Montaudran (Aeropostale) is the center of a scientific and academic-oriented aerospace complex. Universities include University Paul Sabatier, ISAE, ENAC, IAS. Laboratories include CERT-ONERA, LAAS, CESR OMP (LEGOS, DTP), GRGS, CESBIO. Aerospace companies include Astrium, Spot Image and CLS-Argos Intespace. They explore the essential tasks and technical assistance to scientists that are the responsibility of CNES. Activities include:

  • Project management.
  • Research studies and technology.
  • The operation centers for the latest position and management in orbit.
  • The computer facilities and study mathematics.
  • The media: Administration, Logistics and Communication.

Coordinates: 43°33′43″N 1°28′54″E / 43.56194°N 1.48167°E / 43.56194; 1.48167