Tour Défense 2000

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Tour Défense 2000
Défense 2000.JPG
Tour Défense 2000
General information
Type Dwelling
Location La Défense
Coordinates 48°53′15″N 2°14′12″E / 48.88750°N 2.23667°E / 48.88750; 2.23667Coordinates: 48°53′15″N 2°14′12″E / 48.88750°N 2.23667°E / 48.88750; 2.23667
Completed 1974
Antenna spire 134 m (440 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 47
Design and construction
Architect Proux, Demones, Srot

The Tour Défense 2000 is one of the tallest residential buildings in France. The tower is situated in the La Défense section of Puteaux, a suburb of Paris.

The tower was constructed between April 1971 and November 1974. Its success as a residence was not immediate: two years into its opening only a quarter of its apartments had been sold. In comparison to the other buildings of La Défense, Tour Défense 2000 is relatively isolated, and thus benefits from a beautiful panoramic view.

In total, there are 370 apartments occupying 47 floors, and the building is capable of housing about 700 people. Apartments range in size from 19m² to 140m².[1]

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