Tour Europlaza

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Tour Europlaza
General information
LocationLa Défense
Coordinates48°53′30″N 2°14′42″E / 48.89167°N 2.24500°E / 48.89167; 2.24500Coordinates: 48°53′30″N 2°14′42″E / 48.89167°N 2.24500°E / 48.89167; 2.24500
Antenna spire135 m (443 ft)
Roof135 m (443 ft)
Technical details
Floor count31
Design and construction
ArchitectJean-Pierre Dagbert, Michel Stenzel, Pierre Dufau

Tour Europlaza (previously known as tour Septentrion) is an office skyscraper located in La Défense business district situated west of Paris, France.

Built in 1972, the 135 m tower belongs to the second generation of skyscrapers in La Défense. The tower distinguishes itself from the other towers of that period, thanks to a less boxy design and an original cladding. The tower was originally named Septentrion because of its northern location in the business district (Septentrion meand North in French).

From 2019 on, the tower will host the European Banking Authority which will relocate from London following the Brexit.[1]

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