Tour du Limousin

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Tour du Limousin
Race details
DateMid-Late August
RegionLimousin, France
English nameTour of Limousin
Local name(s)Tour du Limousin (in French)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
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First edition1968 (1968)
Editions49 (as of 2016)
First winner Pierre Martelozzo (FRA)
Most wins Francis Duteil (FRA)
 Charly Mottet (FRA)
 Patrice Halgand (FRA)
 Bernard Hinault (FRA)
 Pierrick Fédrigo (FRA)
(2 wins)
Most recent Joey Rosskopf (USA)

Tour du Limousin is a 4-day road bicycle race held annually in Limousin, France. It was first held in 1968 and since 2005 it has been organised as a 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. In 2011 it was upgraded to an 2.HC event. Between 1968 and 1974 it was an amateur race.


Year Country Rider Team
1968  France Pierre Martelozzo
1969  France Paul Gutty
1970  France Francis Duteil
1971  France François Dubreuil
1972  Soviet Union Juri Dimitriev
1973  France François Dubreuil
1974  Poland Ryszard Szurkowski
1975  France Francis Campaner
1976  France Bernard Hinault
1977  France Bernard Hinault
1978  France Gilbert Chaumaz
1979  France Bernard Vallet
1980  France René Bittinger
1981  France Marc Madiot
1982  France Eric Salomon
1983  France Dominique Arnaud
1984  Denmark Kim Andersen
1985  France Thierry Marie
1986  France Dominique Gaigne
1987  France Charly Mottet
1988  France Jean-Marc Manfrin
1989  France Thierry Claveyrolat
1990  France Martial Gayant
1991  Belgium Michel Vermote
1992  France Eric Boyer
1993  France Charly Mottet
1994  Germany Jens Heppner
1995  Ukraine Andrei Tchmil
1996  France Laurent Brochard Festina–Lotus
1997  Estonia Lauri Aus Casino
1998  France Vincent Cali Casino–Ag2r
1999  France Stéphane Heulot Française des Jeux
2000  France Patrice Halgand Jean Delatour
2001  France Franck Bouyer Bonjour
2002  France Patrice Halgand Jean Delatour
2003  Italy Massimiliano Lelli Cofidis
2004  France Pierrick Fédrigo Crédit Agricole
2005  France Sébastien Joly Crédit Agricole
2006  Colombia Leonardo Duque Cofidis
2007  France Pierrick Fédrigo Bouygues Télécom
2008  France Sébastien Hinault Crédit Agricole
2009  France Mathieu Perget Caisse d'Epargne
2010  Sweden Gustav Larsson Team Saxo Bank
2011  Belgium Björn Leukemans Vacansoleil–DCM
2012  Japan Yukiya Arashiro Team Europcar
2013   Switzerland Martin Elmiger IAM Cycling
2014  Italy Mauro Finetto Neri Sottoli
2015  Italy Sonny Colbrelli Bardiani-CSF
2016  United States Joey Rosskopf BMC Racing Team

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