Tour du Vaucluse

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Tour du Vaucluse
Race details
Date early April
Region Vaucluse, France
Discipline Road race
First edition 1923 (1923)
Editions 54
Final edition 1998
First winner  Romain Bellenger (FRA)
Final winner  Benoît Salmon (FRA)

The Tour du Vaucluse (Tour of the Vaucluse) is a former cycling race, held in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France. From 1923 until 1960 it was organized as a one-day race finishing in Cavaillon. Subsequently, it was held as a stage race, run over two and later three days, until the event was discontinued in 1998.[1]


Edition Winner Second Third
One-day race
1923 France Romain Bellenger France José Pelletier France Joseph Curtel
1924 France Maurice Ville France Jean Hillarion France Gaston Ducerisier
1930 France Louis Gras France Maxime Calamel France Ernest Neuhard
1931 France Maxime Calamel France Henri Bergerioux France Marius Guiramand
1932 France Maxime Calamel France Giuseppe Cassin France Georges Speicher
1933 France Georges Speicher France Max Bulla Belgium Louis Hardiquest
1934 France Jean Bidot France Maurice Archambaud Italy Edoardo Molinar
1935 France Jean Bidot France Léon Level France Maxime Calamel
1936 Italy Ettore Molinaro France Fabien Galateau France Luigi Barral
1937 Italy Giuseppe Cassin France Henri Puppo France Adrien Buttafocchi
1938 Italy Nello Troggi France Amédée Rolland France Georges Naisse
1939 Italy Dante Gianello Italy Fermo Camellini France Pierre Lorino
1941 Italy Domenico Zanti France Pierre Canavese France Paul Neri
1951 France Raoul Rémy France Antonin Rolland France Robert Chapatte
1952 Spain Jose Perez De Las Heras Italy Siro Bianchi France Antonin Rolland
1953 France Antonin Canavese France Antonin Rolland France Francis Anastasi
1954 France Raymond Elena France André Payan Italy Siro Bianchi
1955 Australia Russell Mockridge France Raoul Rémy France Antonin Canavese
1956 France Lucien Fliffel France Guy Carle France Marcel Ferri
1957 France Jean Dotto France Gérard Bousquet France Henry Anglade
1959 France Max Cohen Switzerland Alcide Vaucher France Fernand Lamy
1960 France René Fournier France Anatole Novak Italy Siro Bianchi
Stage race
1965 France Marcel Ferri[2] France Escudier France Cenari
1966 France Francis Ducreux France Serge Bolley France Marcel Ferri
1967 France Paul Gutty France Joseph Carrara France Giorgetti
1968 France Pierre Martelozzo France Combes France Rault
1969 France Pierre Martelozzo Italy Vittorio Cumino France Francis Rigon
1970 Italy Mario Corti Italy Giuseppe Maffeis Italy Franco Baroni
1971 Italy Giuseppe Maffeis France Claude Mazeaud Italy Mario Corti
1972 no race
1973 Poland Stanisław Szozda Spain Fernando Plaza Poland Ryszard Szurkowski
1974 Poland Jan Brzezny Poland Tadeusz Mytnik Poland B. Kieczynski
1975 France Patrick Marette France Henri Berthillot France Fr. Indalecio
1976 East Germany Hans-Joachim Hartnick Poland Tadeusz Mytnik Bulgaria Nentcho Staykov
1977 East Germany Bernd Drogan Italy G. Fedrigo Poland Tadeusz Mytnik
1978 France Michel Laurent Spain Mariano Martínez France Pierre-Raymond Villemiane
1979 Poland Czesław Lang Czech Republic Zdenek Benacek France Alain De Carvalho
1980 France Michel Laurent United Kingdom Robert Millar France Jean-François Rodriguez
1981 France Michel Laurent France Bernard Thévenet France Alain De Carvalho
1982 France Éric Caritoux France Laurent Fignon Switzerland Urs Zimmermann
1983 France Denis Roux France André Chappuis France Gilles Mas
1984 France Philippe Chevalier Italy Davide Cassani France Éric Salomon
1985 France Jean-Jacques Philippe France Philippe Casado France Hervé Doueil
1986 France Jérôme Simon France Laurent Fignon East Germany Uwe Ampler
1987 France Pascal Simon East Germany Uwe Ampler France Laurent Fignon
1988 France Charly Mottet Belgium Claude Criquielion East Germany Jan Schur
1989 Netherlands Steven Rooks France Pascal Lance France Éric Caritoux
1990 Norway Atle Kvålsvoll France Thierry Bourguignon France Luc Leblanc
1991 Spain Miguel Indurain France Fabrice Philipot Belgium Luc Roosen
1992 France Robert Forest Portugal Orlando Rodrigues Russia Dimitri Zhdanov
1993 France Thierry Bourguignon France Pascal Hervé France Jean-Christophe Currit
1994 France Blaise Chauviere Czech Republic František Trkal Germany Jens Zemke
1995 Italy Fabrizio Guidi France Jean-Christophe Bloy France Claude Lamour
1996 Italy Fabrizio Guidi Italy Marco Vergnani Italy Maurizio De Pasquale
1998 France Benoît Salmon Lithuania Artūras Kasputis Switzerland Daniel Schnider


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  2. ^ In 1965 the first edition was held over two days, 1 and 2 April 1965

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