Metallic tower of Fourvière

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The Tour métallique de Fourvière by day, viewed from the southwest

The Tour métallique de Fourvière ("Metallic tower of Fourvière"), a landmark of Lyon, France, is a steel framework tower which bears a striking resemblance to the Eiffel Tower, which predates it by three years. With a height of 85.9 metres and weight of 210 tons, the "metallic tower" was built between 1892 and 1894.

During the Exposition universelle of 1914 in Lyon[citation needed] it had a restaurant and an elevator capable of taking 22 people up to the summit. Although used as an observation tower until November 1, 1953, nowadays it serves as a television tower and is not accessible to the public. At 372m, it is the highest point in Lyon.

Broadcasting stations[edit]


Programme Frequency is euros ERP
France Inter 87,75 MHz 2 kW
Regional 91,05 MHz 2 kW
France Culture 94,0 MHz 3 kW
France Musique 98,0 MHz 2 kW


Programme Channel-Number Frequency ERP
M6 22 479,25 MHz 10 kW
TLM 25 503,25 MHz 10 kW
France 5 28 527,25 MHz 10 kW
France 2 58 767,25 MHz 10 kW
TF1 61 791,25 MHz 10 kW
France 3 64 815,25 MHz 10 kW

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Coordinates: 45°45′49.57″N 4°49′20.16″E / 45.7637694°N 4.8222667°E / 45.7637694; 4.8222667