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Tourball is a simple catching game which involves throwing a ball from one team to the other by bouncing the ball on a table set between the two teams. The object is to protect your "score" of ten points by not dropping the ball when it is thrown to you. Each time a team fails to catch the ball, a point is lost from their score. The first team to lose all ten points loses the game. Tourball matches are played between two pairs of players.

The Premise of the game is as follows:

"Tourball is a tabletop catching game played by two pairs of players, with each pair standing on opposite sides of a square table. The objective is to catch a ball thrown to you by the opposing team and in that way protect the teams points."[1]

Conventions not Rules[edit]

Tourball is a simple game, and does not have rules. It does however have conventions. These have to be agreed by both teams prior to starting the match, and local changes to the convention can be agreed as long as both sides have agreed. the most common changes in the conventions are playing a game with one player per side and playing the game with a non-standard table.

There are three immutable tenets: The conventions codify the way in which games should be played. However, there are three tenets that should guide anyone playing Tourball:

  1. Tourball should be fun.
  2. Tourball should be played in a sporting manner.
  3. Tourball can be adapted to suit conditions, availability of equipment and skill levels.

Tourball can be played anywhere and on any table - players are encouraged to be inventive and to amend the conventions to suit the standard of the players and the environment in which the games is being played.


Tourball was invented and codified by Speldhurst Cricket Team and first played in Yeovil in July 2006.[1] Tournaments takes place annually and the season follows the same dates as the UK cricket season.

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