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Tourists on a Sierra Leone beach.

Tourism in Sierra Leone is an important growing national service industry. Beaches and other natural habitats are the biggest parts of the nation's tourism industry.

Tourist industry[edit]

According to the International Labour Organization, approximately 8,000 Sierra Leoneans are employed in the tourism industry, with a growing number of jobs expected to be created in the future. The main entrance point is Freetown International Airport, where transport to and from has been problematic.

The government's ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, is headed by Peter Bayuku Konte.[1]


The main attractions for tourist in Sierra Leone are the beaches, nature reserves, mountains and the islands (Banana Island and Turtle Islands).[2] This includes River Number 2 beach, which is 15 kilometres from Freetown, that was voted as the best beach in Africa by the Guardian newspaper. [3]

Sierra Leone is considered one of the best places in the world to catch Atlantic tarpon.[4]


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