Tourist (St Germain album)

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St Germain - Tourist.jpg
Studio album by St. Germain
Released 2000
Genre Nu jazz, acid jazz, downtempo, deep house
Length 1:00:02
Label Blue Note
Producer Ludovic Navarre
St. Germain chronology
From Detroit to St Germain
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
RollingStone 4/5 stars[2]

Tourist is the 2000 album by St. Germain, one of the aliases of French producer Ludovic Navarre. The music style is described by Allmusic as "a synthesis of electronics with jazz soloing".[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Rose Rouge" – 7:02
  2. "Montego Bay Spleen" – 5:44
  3. "So Flute" – 8:31
  4. "Land Of..." – 7:52
  5. "Latin Note" – 5:59
  6. "Sure Thing" – 6:22
  7. "Pont des Arts" – 7:27
  8. "La Goutte d'Or" – 6:18
  9. "What You Think About..." – 4:47

(there was also a re-release with a different tracklist including a remix by Spiller.)



  • Pascal Ohsé (Trumpet)
  • Edouard Labor (Saxophones, Flute)
  • Alexandre Destrez (Keyboards)
  • Idrissa Diop (Talking drum)
  • Edmundo Carneiro (Percussion)
  • Claudio De Qeiroz (Baritone saxophone)
  • Ludovic Navarre (Writer, producer, conductor and sound engineer)


  • Marlena Shaw (excerpts from Woman of the Ghetto from Live at Montreux used in 'Rose Rouge')[4]
  • Miles Davis & John Lee Hooker (Elements from 'Harry's Philosophy', from The Hot Spot soundtrack, used in 'Sure Thing')
  • 100% Pure Poison (Windy C provides the main sample for 'Sure Thing')
  • Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' as the drum and bass loop for 'Rose Rouge'.
  • Scientist (excerpts from 'First Dangerous Match,' from 'Scientist Wins the World Cup', used in 'Montego Bay Spleen,' as well as 'Laser Attack', from 'Scientist Meets the Space Invaders.')


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