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A beach in Touros
A beach in Touros
Nickname(s): Esquina do Brazil (Brazil's Corner)
Location in Rio Grande do Norte and Brazil
Location in Rio Grande do Norte and Brazil
Coordinates: 05°11′56″S 35°27′39″W / 5.19889°S 35.46083°W / -5.19889; -35.46083Coordinates: 05°11′56″S 35°27′39″W / 5.19889°S 35.46083°W / -5.19889; -35.46083
Country Brazil
Region Northeast
State Rio Grande do Norte
Settled March 27, 1835
 • Mayor Heriberto Ribeiro de Oliveira (PSB)
 • Total 839.351 km2 (324.075 sq mi)
Population (2008)[1]
 • Total 30,325
 • Density 39.1/km2 (101/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2)

Touros (lit. "bulls") is a municipality in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. It is known as "Brazil's Corner" because it is located at the northeast corner of the country, being the closest South American city to Africa (2,841 km from Kabrousse in southwestern Senegal). Touros has lots of fish, and there is a nearby seawater basin in the ocean formed by banks of coral.[2]

Area attractions[edit]

Brazil's largest lighthouse, the Farol do Calcanhar is in the city of Touros. The Touros Village Beach Resort is also a tourist attraction.[3]


The northernmost section of the BR-101 highway is located in Touros, which is the longest highway in Brazil.[citation needed]


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