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Toussaint McCall (born 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana) is an American R&B singer and organist.

His one major success was with "Nothing Takes the Place of You", which reached #5 in the US R&B chart, issued on Ronn Records in 1967. Although further singles and an album followed, he did not repeat its success.

He continued performing and recording for local record labels, and in 1988 made a cameo appearance in the John Waters film, Hairspray, lip syncing to his hit song. The movie was supposedly taking place in 1962 Baltimore, but his hit was originally recorded and released in 1967, making his song in the movie somewhat displaced in time.

Charting singles[edit]

  • "I'll Do it for You" (1967) US #77, US R&B #26[1]
  • "Nothing Takes the Place of You" (1967) US #52, US R&B #5[1]