Tovey Battery

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Tovey Battery
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Tovey Battery, Gibraltar 2.JPG
Tovey Battery is located in Gibraltar
Tovey Battery
Tovey Battery
Coordinates 36°08′34″N 5°20′53″W / 36.142833°N 5.347949°W / 36.142833; -5.347949
Type Artillery Battery
Site information
Owner Ministry of Defence

Tovey Battery was an artillery battery in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar.


The battery is named after Colonel Tovey who was in Gibraltar and died here in November 1781[1] whilst he led the Royal Artillery during the Great Siege of Gibraltar.[2]

Tovey battery had two 6 inch guns at the end of the nineteenth century which were part of fourteen available for close range defense.[3] In 1911 Tovey's importance led to the closure of the inferior Hayne's Cave Battery which only had 4 inch guns.[4]

The Tovey Battery had two six inch guns during World War II.[3]


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