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Tow-Line is the name of two fictional characters in the various Transformers series in the Transformers franchise.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise[edit]

Tow-Line/Wrecker Hook
Transformers character
Japanese nameWrecker Hook
Sub-groupBasic Vehicles
Motto"Follow the rules."
Alternate modesTow-Truck

Working undercover as a tow truck, Tow-Line (Wrecker Hook in Japan) has learned the rules of the road, and now lives by them, punishing any infraction, large or small, and even if a fellow Autobot responsible is responsible.[1] He is well known for the phrase "No parking means no parking!" He's responsible for traffic riot control, and can use his powerful hook to lift and carry anything from a car to a bullet train.

Animated series[edit]

In "Tow-Line Goes Haywire", one of Tow-Line's first acts on arriving on Earth was to tow Side Burn, much to the latter's disgust. Under Prowl's supervision, Tow-Line began towing away Metro City's illegal parkers. Unfortunately his zealousness extended to towing away tricycles, wedding cars, mailmen named Moe, and so on, leading Prowl to reprimand him. Tow-Line's work was not lost on the Predacons, who ambushed him and dragged him away to do a bit of reprogramming with a disk. Soon Tow-Line considered the other Autobots as villains and began towing X-Brawn. After reasoning failed, X-Brawn attempted to use his grappling hook, causing damage to the other Autobot's circuits, and resulting in Tow-Line dumping him down a hole at the power plant. Side Burn was also captured easily, but while carrying Rapid Run through the city, Tow-Line was spotted by Prowl and Koji. Intercepted by Optimus Prime and Prowl, he was soon rescued from the disk's control and apologized profusely for kidnapping his fellow Autobots. Even after learning his lesson, Tow-Line still cheerfully hauled off Prowl for parking illegally.

In "The Ultimate Robot Warrior", Tow-Line aided in a deception, helping to disguise Team Bullet Train and Optimus Prime as a transforming dragon in order to trick the Predacons into leaving some statues alone. When Railspike and Optimus toppled over while operating the robot, Tow-Line was able to pull it back into an upright position using his grappling hook.

In "Attack from Outer Space", Movor briefly tracked Tow-Line from space in an attempt to locate the Autobots' hidden base, but as Tow-Line was spending all of his time towing cars, it wasn't much help. Later Tow-Line and the other Autobots ambushed the Decepticons as they tailed Side Burn.

In "Maximus Emerges", Tow-Line towed Side Burn to Fortress Maximus' hiding place, so that the Autobot wouldn't get distracted on the way.

In "Surprise Attack!", was also called in as part of the contingency plan created for the event that Galvatron learned of the location of the Autobot base. Assembling with the rest of the Autobots near a lake, he took part in the battle against the combined Decepticon/Predacon forces.

In "The Final Battle", together with the other Autobots, he shielded Optimus from Galvatron's paralysing beam, allowing the Autobot leader to regroup and form Omega Prime with Ultra Magnus. After the final battle was over, Tow-Line towed some more cars just for the fun of it.

Robot Masters[edit]

His own past is a mystery to Wrecker Hook (レッカーフック Rekkā Fukku). With no memory of his creation or who he really is, he stays with the Decepticons, thinking he might find answers one day. He is a skilled mechanic who can effect repairs on most anything, and does so without complaint. He seems to be friends with Wingstun. On the battlefield, however, Wrecker Hook is a danger to everyone around him, especially once he starts swinging his "Boost Hammer" weapon around. This might be a sign of his past self, or it could just be another result of some scrambled circuits.

Transformers: Robot Masters is a Transformers toy-line created by the Japanese toy company Takara to run as an accompaniment to Transformers Superlink (Transformers Energon) and Transformers Galaxy Force (Transformers Cybertron), but is largely set, or derived from, the original Transformers continuity. It features numerous characters from all over Transformers history, including those that appeared in shows that were exclusive to Japan, as well as characters new to the Transformers universe.

Robot Masters is set after Season two of the original Transformers series. In it, the original Megatron has been lost in some undisclosed accident, and the Autobots (Cybertrons) are in development of technology that would allow them to harness the power of a new energy source called "Solitarium". Through some unknown event, Transformers from all over time and space begin arriving in this time period through phenomenae known as "Blastizone". Beast Wars Megatron (referred to as Beast Megatron) would arrive, and claim leadership of the Decepticons (Destrons) from Starscream. This conflict would progress, until the arrival of Reverse Convoy, a Transformer hailing from the planet Vehicon, who, in reality, was a rebuilt Megatron having been transformed into "Rebirth Megatron". They would all eventually be defeated, however, and the various Transformers returned to their own time.


  • Robots in Disguise Tow-Line
Tow-Line is a redeco of Machine Wars Hoist and Hubcap. He was packaged together with the Decepticon Skyfire by Hasbro. He was decoed slightly differently in his Takara and Hasbro releases.
  • Destron Wrecker Hook (2004)
As part of the first assortment of Robot Masters, Wrecker Hook is a heavily-painted redeco of the Machine Wars Hoist/Hubcap mold, transforming from a tow truck to robot with a spring-loaded one-step transformation. The grill of the truck detaches to form his "Aiming Shot" blaster weapon. Unique to this release of the mold is the solitarium weapon called the "Boost Hammer", a clear-plastic flail. It can be combined with the other Decepticons' solitarium weapons to form the "Arsenal Force" megaweapon. The same mold is used by Robots in Disguise Tow-Line.

Transformers: Energon[edit]

Transformers character
Sub-groupDeluxe Vehicles
Motto"A soldier's greatest asset are his comrades."
Alternate modesVan

Tow-Line is the name of an Autobot who turns into a van. Tow-Line isn't the strongest Autobot, but what he lacks in muscle he makes up in cleverness. He can outthink and generally outlast most opponents, preferring to use his brains to prevent conflicts, skills that have made him one of Optimus Prime's most trusted team members.[2]

Dreamwave Productions[edit]

In Transformers: Energon #29, titled "Multiplicity", Bulkhead, Cliffjumper, Perceptor and Tow-Line appeared amond the Autobots working under the command of Jetfire in Los Angeles repelling the Insecticon Terrorcon invasion. They fought until nearly running out of energy when Rad was able to bring them a recharge in the E.V.A. jet. With an unexpected assist from Megatron they were able to turn back the Terrorcons.


  • Energon Tow-Line
The Tow-Line toy is a homage to the transformation of Generation 1 Ironhide and Ratchet. It was later remolded into Transformers: Timelines Ironhide and Ratchet.


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