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A tow boat ride is a water ride constructed on a body of water. The course is defined by a main drive underwater cable, creating the impression of free floating boats. The station could be a revolving platform.[1][2]

Partial list of tow boat rides[edit]

Name Park Country Opening year Manufacturer
Africa Cruise Nigloland France 1987 Mack Rides
African Queen ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen Germany 2006 Intamin[3]
Du thuyền nhiệt đới Dragon Park Ha Long Vietnam 2017 Intamin
Dschungel Fahrt Europa-Park Germany 1978 Mack Rides[4][5]
Embarque World of Discoveries Portugal 2014 Reverchon Industries
Épidemaïs Croisières Parc Astérix France 1989 Intamin[6]
Excalibur Drayton Manor Theme Park United Kingdom 2003–2011 Bear Rides[7]
Fahrt des Odysseus Belantis Vergnügungspark Germany 2003 Bear Rides[7]
Fata Morgana Efteling Netherlands 1986 Intamin[6]
Fatih’s Dream Vialand Turkey 2014 Intamin[8]
Floßfahrt Heide Park Germany 1978 Mack Rides
Gamanile River Leipzig Zoological Garden Germany 2011 Intamin[3]
Gold River Adventure Walibi Belgium Belgium 1978 Intamin[9]
Gondoletta Luisenpark Germany 1975 Intamin[6]
Gondoletta Efteling Netherlands 1981 Intamin[6]
Jungla Parque de Atracciones de Madrid Spain 1977
Jungle mission Bellewaerde Belgium 1978 Intamin[9][10]
Käpt'n Blaubärs Abenteuerfahrt Ravensburger Spieleland Germany 1998 Mack Rides[9]
Kid’s Catamaran Leofoo Village Theme Park Taïwan
Lac des chercheurs d'or Le Pal France Mack Rides
Lazy River Boat Trip Chester Zoo United Kingdom 2015 Intamin
Le Pays des Contes de Fées Disneyland Park France 1994 Intamin[9][11]
Paysages d’Europe Futuroscope France 1992–1998 Intamin
Piratbåde Legoland Billund Denmark Mack Rides[4]
Radeaux Didi'Land France 1982–2013
Sambesi Bootsfahrt Hanover Zoo Germany 2000 Intamin[3]
Swan Boats Alton Towers United Kingdom 1987–2003 Intamin[6]
Tam-Tam Aventure Walibi Rhône-Alpes France 1992 Soquet[12]
Tam Tam Tour Walibi Sud-Ouest France 1992
Tom Sawyer Raft Ride Blackpool Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 1974-1993 Intamin
Tow boat Dream Park Egypt 1998 Intamin
Tow boats Geroland Egypt 1997 ABC Rides[7]
Tunga[13] Gardaland Italy 1975–2009 Intamin
Urzeit Floßfahrt Freizeitpark Plohn Germany 1997 Mack Rides
Venice Gondola Genting Indoor Theme Park Malaysia Zamperla
Waly boat Walygator Parc France 1989 Mack Rides[4][14]
Zattere Minitalia Leolandia Park Italy 1997

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