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For the boat, see Towboat.

A tow boat ride is a water ride constructed on a body of water. The course is defined by a main drive underwater cable, creating the impression of free floating boats. The station could be a revolving platform.[1][2]

Partial list of tow boat rides[edit]

Name Park Country Opening year Manufacturer
Africa Cruise Nigloland France 1987 Mack Rides
African Queen ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen Germany 2006 Intamin[3]
Bootsfahrt Hanover Zoo Germany Intamin[3]
Dschungel Fahrt Europa-Park Germany 1978 Mack Rides[4][5]
Épidemaïs Croisières Parc Astérix France 1989 Intamin[6]
Excalibur Drayton Manor Theme Park United Kingdom 2003–2011 Bear Rides[7]
Fahrt des Odysseus Belantis Vergnügungspark Germany 2003 Bear Rides[7]
Fata Morgana Efteling Netherlands 1986 Intamin[6]
Fatih’s Dream Vialand Turkey 2014 Intamin[8]
Floßfahrt Heide Park Germany 1978 Mack Rides
Gamanile River Leipzig Zoological Garden Germany 2011 Intamin[3]
Gold River Adventure Walibi Belgium Belgium 1978 Intamin[9]
Gondoletta Luisenpark Germany 1975 Intamin[6]
Gondoletta Efteling Netherlands 1981 Intamin[6]
Jungla Parque de Atracciones de Madrid Spain 1977
Jungle mission Bellewaerde Belgium 1978 Intamin[9][10]
Käpt'n Blaubärs Abenteuerfahrt Ravensburger Spieleland Germany 1998 Mack Rides[9]
Kid’s Catamaran Leofoo Village Theme Park Taïwan
Lac des chercheurs d'or Le Pal France Mack Rides
Le Pays des Contes de Fées Disneyland Park France 1994 Intamin[9][11]
Paysages d’Europe Futuroscope France 1992–1998 Intamin
Piratbåde Legoland Billund Denmark Mack Rides[4]
Radeaux Didi'Land France 1982–2013
Swan Boats Alton Towers United Kingdom 1987–2003 Intamin[6]
Tam-Tam Aventure Walibi Rhône-Alpes France 1992 Soquet[12]
Tam Tam Tour Walibi Sud-Ouest France 1992
Tow boat Dream Park Egypt Intamin
Tow boats Geroland Egypt 1997 ABC Rides[7]
Tunga[13] Gardaland Italy 1975–2009 Intamin
Urzeit Floßfahrt Freizeitpark Plohn Germany 1997 Mack Rides
Venice Gondola Genting Indoor Theme Park Malaysia Zamperla
Waly boat Walygator Parc France 1989 Mack Rides[4][14]
Zattere Minitalia Leolandia Park Italy 1997

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