Towaliga River

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Towaliga River
High falls ga.jpg
Towaliga River at High Falls State Park
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationGeorgia[1]

The Towaliga River is a 52.3-mile-long (84.2 km)[2] tributary of the Ocmulgee River in central Georgia. The Towaliga passes through High Falls State Park in northwestern Monroe County, then traverses the county and joins the Ocmulgee near the town of Juliette. The river is fairly muddy above High Falls Lake, but it clears once below the falls where most of the river is rock bottomed. This region is about 50 miles (80 km) south of Atlanta and about 35 miles (56 km) north of Macon.

The river was featured in a scene from the made-for-television movie Murder in Coweta County in which the ashes of the murdered victim are found floating in the nook of tree hollow along the bank of the river. The river was used as location only and does not actually flow through Coweta County, also located in Georgia.


The name probably derives from a Creek place name, but its meaning is unclear. Some say the name means "sumac place", while others believe it means "among trees".[3]

Pronunciation of "Towaliga" varies, according to Georgians. It is most commonly pronounced /t(ə)ˈlɡə/, but some insist that the local pronunciation sounds like /tˈlæɡi/ tye-LAG-ee. Others have heard it pronounced as /tˈɒləɡə/ toh-OL-ə-gə.

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Coordinates: 33°07′37″N 83°49′02″W / 33.12707°N 83.81713°W / 33.12707; -83.81713