Towasaurus Wrex

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Towasaurus Wrex
Owner and driver information
Owner Jeff Bursey
Home city Dracut, MA
Truck information
Year created 1988
Body style 1946 Chevy Tow Truck
Engine 428 ci Chevy

Towasaurus Wrex is a monster truck currently racing in the US as well as overseas. Originally owned by Gary DeMauro, it is now owned by Jeff Bursey. The truck was designed as one of the only monster tow truck in the sport. It has since been accompanied by Jeff's ride truck Hammer Time and Towasaurus Wrex's alter egos Tow Mater and Jethro Tow. In 2008, Jeff Bursey Motorsports and Towasaurus Wrex signed with Mafia Motorsports Clothing.

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