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Orangutan towel animal aboard a Holland America cruise ship

A towel animal is a depiction of an animal created by folding small towels. It is conceptually similar to origami, but uses towels rather than paper. Some common towel animals are elephants, snakes, rabbits and swans.

The exact originator of towel animals is unknown, but their popularity is often attributed to Carnival Cruise Lines.[1] The ancestors of the towel animals are perhaps handkerchief animals or napkin folds.

Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Disney Hotels and Holland America Line cruises will often place towel animals on a patron's bed as part of their nightly turndown service. Towel animals are also appearing in higher-end hotels and resorts such as Grupo Vidanta's Grand Luxxe Residence Clubs[2] in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya.

Peacock and peahen towel animals with flowers

Carnival offers their guests a book by pre-ordering before the cruise, or on board ship in the Formalities shop.[3] Holland America makes a similar offer. There are several other books available on the subject[4][5][6][7] and these books illustrate how one can enhance the towel animals by the simple addition of cut-out eyes and button noses. Some of the creations in the gallery require the use of multiple towels and at times, hand towels or washcloths. The Grand Luxxe uses flowers or flower petals and the tips of palm branches to enhance some of their creations such as the image picturing a peacock and peahen.

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