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Tower 115 after reconstruction, view from the Apollo bridge

Tower 115, now owned by J&T Bank, formerly known as Pressburgcentrum and Presscentrum, is a high-rise office building located on Pribinova Street in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The buildings height is not actually 115 meters, as the name suggests, it is only 104 meters tall if measured from base-to-roof. However, the height added by the rooftop antenna brings the building to 115 meters. This is the reason that sometimes Tower 115 is incorrectly regarded as the tallest building in Bratislava. The title of the tallest building truly goes to the headquarters of the National Bank of Slovakia (111.6 m).


The building is situated in the Ružinov district of the city, near the new Apollo Bridge on Pribinova Street. In the short-term future it becomes part of the new city center where more high-rise buildings with comparable height and taller will be built. In the immediate vicinity, a pair of buildings 31 meters taller is being constructed as a part of the Panorama City complex.


In 2005 and 2006, an extensive reconstruction and modernization took place when the buildings facade underwent renovations.


Coordinates: 48°08′29″N 17°07′41″E / 48.141306°N 17.127965°E / 48.141306; 17.127965